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Feb. 8th, 2017 04:11 pm
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Pain is the one experience common to every living thing. It unites us. Mord-Sith are taught to use pain, to channel it, control it, just as you are learning.
Legend of the Seeker

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Cara is a strong-willed young woman who seems to be around the same age as Richard and Kahlan. She is seen as being reserved, and slightly angry, but has moments of weakness, and fear. Cara is a Mord-Sith and was raised to be cold and unfeeling, as well as cruel, and vindictive, however during their time spent in the alternate future, Richard inspired Cara to become more open. When it was discovered that Richard was the new Lord Rahl, rather than uprise like the other Mord-Sith did, she decided to keep her oath to Lord Rahl, and stay with Richard as a protector. Cara is very sarcastic, and also have a sense of humor about beliefs that she find contradictory to her nature.

Cara is an athletic young woman, with considerable strength for her build. As Mord-Sith she has the ability to wield an Agiel with skill, as well she has the ability to turn any magic against the person using it. She is shown to be a capable fighter taking on several armored soldiers, often wielding two Agiels simultaneously. She is shown turning a wizard's power against him on several occasions, in this sense, it seems that her ability to turn a wizard's magic is limited to bouncing attacks back upon the user. She is also capable of stopping thrown dacras and reversing them back towards the attackers. One of her most useful powers is the "Breath of Life", a Mord-Sith power used to bring back recently killed people to life. There are circumstances in which this power doesn't work, such as if the body is too damaged to save, if their wind-pipe has been severed, or if it has been too long and the body grows cold. Cara is also one of the most agile and able fighters in the series. She can quite easily dodge arrows and push other people out of harms way, and she is very quick to kill others in battle.
AGE: early thirties
HEIGHT: 5'9"
BUILD: 58 kg
HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Green

KILLING: Yes but ask first

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Aug. 20th, 2016 05:23 pm
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Character name: Cara
Series name: Legend of the Seeker
Canon notes: End of canon

Species: Human

History: Wiki link

Cara wasn’t born broken.

At a young age, she was taken from her family to be trained at the Mord Sith temples. There, she was locked in a dark chamber as the rats tormented her until the sisters of the Agiel gave her a weapon to kill her attackers. Shaped under the guidance of the Mord Sith, Cara grew up as the perfect Mord Sith soldier. Loyal and capable, she took her first human victim at the age of seven -- her father, whom she believed had sold her to the Mord Sith. Powerful and strong, Cara displays no empathy towards killing and torturing people and often dismisses people who fail and die as weak, just like her father was and places no value in anyone who cannot defend themselves. She believes in honesty and never tries to disguise her words.

Loyalty is Cara’s strongest virtue and flaw. Her intense feelings towards the person she’s meant to serve means she’ll do anything for their sake. Whether it’s lying or dying, Cara can endure any pain, any hatred, any torment easily as her mind and body has been trained against all agony. When given an objective, she does her utmost to see it done, no matter what, to the point of tunnel vision. That being said, she’s not blindly loyal, she’s just capable of choosing who she plans to be loyal to and sticking to her guns. Even as she switches sides from Darken Rahl to Richard, she does so in belief of his character. While Cara can be extremely harsh and critical, she is gentle enough to allow leeway and watch people change before passing final judgement.

Cara rarely speaks out of anger or malicious intent and while her views may seem cruel and overly blunt, it is rarely her intent to bully or hurt people with them. Cara is a strong imposing figure, not showing much expression on her face, save disdain and the occasional smirk. As a result, many people fear and dislike her for her callous attitude towards social niceties, ethicalities and “feelings”.

Ultimately, Cara is a soldier. She follows orders, no matter how insipid they are (however, she won’t hesitate to inform others of the stupidity) and she carries them out to the best of her ability. Proud of her status, her character, Cara is extremely stubborn and isn’t swayed by “weaker” emotions such as fear and sorrow, considering pride and anger to be the tenets of what makes a strong character. Because of her past as a Mord Sith, trained in pain and fear, Cara strives to appear strong in all things. She denies the existence of love and happiness, mostly because she can barely comprehend such things, being denied them all her life. Forward acts like hugs or touches are completely alien. Even someone giving her a flower has her running for the hills.

Sensual, sharp with a word when it comes to other people’s weaknesses, Cara struggles with her own when she finally has something she lost long ago -- a family. Her process in becoming a better person, learning to be empathetic and kind is a slow one, considering her origins, but no one tries harder or pushes herself as much as Cara does. Though she’ll make her feelings plain on the matter.

Abilities: Cara is an ordinary human with some unique powers: the ability to bring people back from the death (within limits) and her extremely high tolerance towards pain. The powercap wouldn’t make much of a difference for her because her limits are still human, just slightly above average. As for bringing people back, it is limited to how soon they died and whether their body is in a fit condition to bring back to life. Cara also has the ability to negate magic and fling spells/magic back at the caster.


[ She felt stiff. The surface on which she lay on was too smooth, too even. She groans, stretching her eyes and gazing at her surroundings, her cat-like eyes sharp and wary. This was not the Midlands. With a graceful leap, she lands on her feet in a careful crouch, reading for her weapons –

. . . Her agiels. Gone. She straightens, a scowl marring her face. Without caring who heard her, she speaks, her voice cold and deadly. ]

I don’t know how you managed to touch my agiels, considering they pay you back in pain tenfold. But if you are foolish enough to take my agiels, I assume you are foolish enough to test my patience.

I’ll warn you though. Do not test it for long or I’ll pay it back, inch by inch.

[ She surveys the room. She knows she’s being watched, even though she can’t tell how. Honed battle instincts whisper to her that this is a strange situation and there’s little she can do about it . . . for now.

In the most deadpan of voices. ]

Why is everything metal and why was it necessary? Did someone murder every architect? Because I would for this . . . lazy work.

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Aug. 5th, 2015 11:54 am
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Name: Panther | Cara
Age: 25
Team: Coral

Height/Build: Looks like this
Hair Color/Eye Blonde / Green
Notable traits: Cara's body repels magic! However, it's only activated when Cara consciously repels an attack. People might pick up on that fact though she herself won't be aware of it until she gains that skill.
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Details: Kahlan admonishes Cara for not having enough sympathy. Cara tries. She fails miserably (but she tried!!)
- god, Kahlan, who needs this sympathy crap???

Received: Day 414
Details: Cara hunts some bunnies for a pacifistic tribe. They are shocked. She tells them they "died a peaceful natural death". No one is convinced and Cara is annoyed that her hard work isn't appreciated.
- god, people, MEAT IS GOOD FOR YOU

Received: Day 417
Details: Telling her sister how she killed her father because he was "too weak".
- So her father sold her to the mord'sith and was planning to sell her sister.
- Most likely it was a lie but it doesn't change the fact that her father's love wasn't strong enough under the torture and his "love" wasn't going to save her
- this is where she changes from a person to a mord'sith.

Received: Day 419
Details: Cara confessing to Kahlan that she sees her as a friend. They hug and then Cara tries to kill herself to give Kahlan more time to survive.
- Kahlan .///.
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Received: Day 402
Details: Kahlan and Cara are trapped in a tomb, Cara prefers to die over Kahlan
- +100 affection for Kahlan and Coral, must die for them if necessary.

Received: Day 402
Details: Beating up Denna, a former Mord'Sith
- making people suffer is fun, especially if you hate them.

Received: Day 407
Details: Leo gives Cara a flower, Cara thinks he's gone mad.
- flowers???? love??? romance???

Received: Day 407
Details: Cara can bring people back to life! It only works if the throat is undamaged, if the body is still warm and the body isn't beyond repair.

Received: Day 408
Details: The Mord'Sith beat her up and leave her for dead. They also cut her braid off.
- Why did I ever like these guys :|
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"You're getting your hopes up"
Received: Day 394
Details: Read more... )
- blind faith is stupid!! when people die they die
- She definitely cares about Kahlan and wants to look out for her.
- But blind faith is still dumb :x

"I'm better than them"
Received: Day 393
Details: Link
- bonding with a fairy
- wait no why is my fairy dying that is uncalled for

"They taught me strength"
Received: Day 396
Details: This is part of the trial, but Cara will only remember the flashbacks. 2:37 - 4:52
- In the day she was beaten with the agiel and in the night, the rats came and gnawed on her.
- she was alone and scared and wanted to go home to her parents.
- "In this world, it's kill or be killed."
- Finally, she managed to hold the agiel and kill the rats.
- This is going to shake her because she's been so proud to be a Mord'Sith, despite being hated because it made her feel strong and powerful.
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Received: Day 386
Details: Second tier to her high tolerance to pain skill! She can now handle her agiels without flinching (the agiels are the equivalent of distilled pain in a stick)
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Received: Day 385
Details: Read more... )
- They're on a quest of some kind, but they lost a party member.
- Mord'Siths can repel magic.
- This made her feel a little better about herself because even though it's torture it's . . . kind of for a good cause \o/
- Must protect Richard.
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Received: Day 383
Details: Read more... )
- +100 more likely to bed a dude for kicks
- minus some self-esteem. It's a weird thing for her to process being hated! Especially since she doesn't know what she's done to earn it.
- +100 more capable of fighting and defending herself.
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Received: Day 381
Details: Link
- Leo is . . . funny
- What a ridiculous man!!!
- tsuuuuuuuuuuuundere
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Received: Day 378
Details: Due to her extensive "training" as a Mord'Sith, Cara has an abnormally high pain tolerance. However, this is not the same as being able to handle the agiels (which is more akin to being attacked from the inside), but Cara can withstand almost any wound and still keep going, so long as it's not fatal.
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Received: Day 376
[ Cara is chopping wood while Kahlan is gathering firewood and Richard and Zedd work on their dinner ]
Cara: What would your mother say?
Zedd: About our ability to create ambrosial delights from roots and herbs gathered from the wilderness?
Cara: No. About two strong men fussing over the fire while the women chop wood for them.
Zedd: On a good team, each member performs in accordance with their abilities. Judging by your recent attempts at something approximating corn-cake . . .
[ Cara gives him a look ]
Zedd: . . . might be best for you to stick to chopping.
[ Cara's expression is flat as she chops the wood ]
- how dare you insult my cooking!!!
- A definite sense of camaraderie and easy-goingness.
- "On a good team, each member performs in accordance with their abilities". She might stick with that, but also work on becoming stronger.
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Received: Starter
Details: Link
- This woman is crying over a sword because she misses someone????
- what is tears
- what is feelings
- She is a Mord'Sith
- Emotions must be governed.
- Sadness and love makes you weak.
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